Flight planns / SIDs, STARS, IAPs

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Just downloaded the PMDG 737 NG and don't have the first clue how to set up flight plans. I have read the manual but i'm still a bit lost.

Is there a way of making this process a bit simpler?

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I apologise in advance, but do you know what SIDs, STARS, Intersections and Airways are? Do you know how to use them to build a flight plan? If not, it would be good to read up before you use an FMC. If you use them "fluently", then try doing a PMDG tutorial flight and learn as you go.

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Thanks for your reply bindolaf.. i do know what SIDs, STARSs Etc. are but the only flight plans i have built have been using the default FS9 program (not sure if that counts!)

It's how to set up flight plans in the FMC that i'm trying to get the hang of as i'm getting bored of flying the stock a/c.

And no need to apologise....... we should never assume ! 😀

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The default FS9 flight planeer is rubbish. To build flights and to import them into the PMDG 737NG there are two ways of doing this.
The first is to use FSNavigtor. This is payware but it gives you 20 free goes.

Or you can use FSbuild 2.2 which is totaly payware (I use this and have had no problems).

What you do is build your flight plan with either programe and then export them into FS9 and the PMDG737NG FMC.

What I do is the following, this probably not the right way of doing but it works for me.

I build my flight with FSBuild. For this example I'll use a short flight from EGKK to EGCC. Export it into FS9. I then start up FS9 and choose the PMDG737.
I change my default airport for example I'll use EGKK. I then open flight pplanner (in the sim) and press load. I then choose my flight EGKK-EGCC and press OK. It then ask's me if I want to move the plane I say no (as FSBuild puts you in the runway and I want to start from the gate). Then I click Fly.

Once everything has loaded I bring up the FMC and the Kneeboard and put them side by side. I put in the departing airport and choose the correct SID (which ever one I picked from FSBuild) then I input the waypoints which I copy from the Kneeboard.

This works for me and I'm very happy with it, it might not work for you. you can only try 😉
For a good guide on how to programe the FMC have a look at this site There is a good FMC guide for the PMDG737NG.

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Cheers Liono, I'll give that a try

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Thx, that's a great help........ 👍

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