Project Hawaii Final Released

fr453r Guest

Finally, after loads of hard work, I've got a realease-worthy copy of Project Hawaii. Check: New Link Edit by Radar

The webpage is still in its infancy (and so for that matter is my webdesigning skills!) so forgive me if you don't like it. I'm currently uploading the file to AVSIM, but that should be a few days before its actually on there, but you can get a copy of the website anyways.

Tell me what you think


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Thank you, I'll install it later today and let you know what I think of it.


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Tailhook Chief Captain

Many thanks fr453r, sounds and looks very promising.
This is something many in the community have been looking forward to. 👍

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

And I'm one of those people! 😀

Couple of questions: how significant is the impact on FPS, do I need to uninstall any other add-on hawaii airport sceneries, and is this compatible with Ultimate Terrain-USA?

fr453r Guest

It can be quite heavy on FPS around Honolulu Intl with lots of AI, but other than that its fine.

Check the list of sceneries in the readme.txt and check to see if you have any installed already. If so, removing the original installation would probably be the safe thing to do.

I'm afraid to say that I've not been able to test it with a copy of Ultimate Terrain, but the terrain in this is extremely detailed and I'd of thought it'd be better than that that comes with UT. If you could be my guinea pig on this and find out for me if there are any problems with one scenery overwriting the other and causing it to mess up somehow I would greatly appreciate it. I don't have a copy of UT and dont really fancy buying it for the sake of testing it...

But anyways, its SOOO good to hear such positive responses from people. I originally made this for personal use, as I was about to re-install fs9 and didn't fancy installing ALL the scenery and AI and such all over again. I got a bit carried away and look where I am now!

All the best


P.S. I've literally just this minute finished setting up the forums for Project hawaii - check them out and get posting! An empty forum is a sad forum 😞

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