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I suppose some who have been flying MSFS longer than I will have experienced this, but it was new to me. Last night I was flying a route assignment for my VA. I was offline, and on a KLAS to MMTJ leg high altitude IFR. All was normal until the sim ATC started vectoring me for a visual approach to Tiajuana runway 27. I was turned east, which made sense, but then never got another vector. I was handed off to different controllers, and given traffic, but no vectors. Finally, at about 90 miles east of my destination, still heading east, ATC cancelled my IFR clearance and terminated radar service. Welcome to Mexico. Evil or Very Mad

I restarted and reflew the whole leg. This time all was well, and I got proper vectors to visual rwy 27. Go figure. Guess FS9 gets alzhiemers once in a while. 🙄

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I've experienced similar hiccups. 🙄 Thankfully there are not many bugs in FS9.

Btw, how many users have noticed the "hill of water" to the right of runway 4L at JFK in New York?

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