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I note that the Jeppesen website says their charts are for runways over 6000ft and appear to be on a composite cd

I am after a chart for St Barthelemy (French WI) which is considerably shorter than that and I wonder if anyone knows where such info could be available as a download. I would really like to know the recommended route into 28 and the height of the hill at the end which makes for a very interesting approach.

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Sorry Aldeeb

All I know is that the runway is 2100ft and is elevated at 49ft



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Hi Corgi -
thanks for your email, yes it is certainly very short and I well remember hanging onto the seat belt when we landed there.

There is a radio mast dead in line with 28 which forces either to the left or right and I think the first is better. Height above SL seems to be 200ft +

The Islander is easy enough to get down but I think I'm bringing in the Twin Otter too fast.

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