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Missed approach help needed

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I dont know what I am doing wrong. I followes every thing what ATC told me to do turn right hdg... turn left hdg .... etc and alsofollows the guides posted here but still I cant see the runway....I am flying from delhi to calcutta with fspassenger... Pls help me guys I need toscore the points

Reply me soon

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sorry to say that because I don't know how much experience do you have on FS9 but do you use approach button on autopilot, do you land manually, ILS, VOR or similar? Do you have radio frequency for the runway is this a visual approach, do you use gps?

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Hi thansk for the reply ..... I am so confused in ILS or VOR could anybody please help me with the detail meaning of the trems

Pls help me learning


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IFR flying is difficult and requires much reading to learn correct procedures. You should read IFR, GPS and VOR subjects in the learning center within Flight Simulator. Complete the flight lessons and read the websites above. If I may, I suggest that you learn in the Cessna 172, you will save yourself frustration. 🙂

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Thank u CRJCapt fir the link provided I definately go through the lessons and through the links provided.



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