Feelthere 737PIC ?

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I have just started trying out this plane, but having a problem landing it. Everything's good, but it won't descend. It stays in 'Alt Hold' mode. I tried disabling and flying by hand, but the plane won't descend too easily with flaps extended.

Also, the manual for this plane says to engage both autopilots to do an autoland. I'm not interested in performing an autoland, but I know this could help get the plane descending. How do I engage both autopilots?

Yes, I should be asking this on their forums, but you guys here have done good helping me.

One other question: I keep hearing something like a loud puff of air or something pneumatic. I'll bet it's something to do with the cabin pressure, but haven't been able to find anything about it here or on their forums. ANy idea what this is? It's annoying and lasts throughout the flight.

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WEll for your last question I think that what it is is the a/c recirculation fan.

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Starting with your second question, the "puff" is the trim. When the trim wheel moves it makes a sound much like that (others say more like clack-click, but anyway).

As for your first question, I don't know. Give me some more details like A/P settings, speed, trim, how you try to descend, FMC status, is the inertial system working correctly, other settings.

She flies like a dream, much like the real thing and responds very well. We'll solve the issues - let me know.

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

I'm flying from Sea-tac to San Diego. I'll redo the flight so I can remember exactly what I'm doing at the time and revise anything I've posted here.

I think I had the a/p set to App and Speed with Cmd A. I've tried to set both A and B to engage, but I don't know how to do that. I've watched an ITVV video of a 737 flight and I see that they have both autopilots engaged for landing so I know that can be done.

I think I had the speed at 170 with flaps 15.

Trim, I'm not sure but I'll look. Don't want to sound dumb, but where would I find that?

The FMC looked good, but I wasn't letting it control the plane. I did have it configured for the runway I was going for. On this run I'll let it control the aircraft and see what it does.

I do agree that this plane is very easy to fly and quite exciting. I've been very giddy now that FsPassengers will let me fly it. I plan to only fly this aircraft until I get to c10; might even wait a while longer until I start with a 747.

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A few suggestions:

Make sure the inertial navigation system is set (before flight)
Make sure you have the FMC programmed with a correct route (if you want to use the FMC)
Make sure you tune the ILS correctly if not using the FMC and auto-tune
App mode and both A/Ps on for autoland (just click both on). Autoland might not be available due to the conditions (you should get a "no autoland" warning I *think*).
Alt hold will hold the altitude. Try using "Level Change" to descend if using the A/P but not VNAV.

Let me know

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

Ok, the Inertial system is set properly. I do have the FMC setup correctly with the runway and everything shows fine. I have to set the ILS freq. myself; for some reason the computer won't tune to it on it's own. I do have the autopilot on App, but as I said I can't engage both a/p's. When I have A active and click on B, A turns off while B turns on.

I almost managed to do a hand-landing earlier using the altitudes the FMC calculated for the waypoints (the FMC didn't quite line the plane up with the runway). I came in a little too high because there's a building near runway 27 at KSAN. I'm going to try from KSEA to KGEG; a shorter flight but long enough to get to altitude and have to go through the whole process. Also, all those runways don't have buildings at the ends. 😀

If I'm still not getting the plane down I'll take screenshots...and may give the PMDG 737 a try.

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

I think I figured out the autopilots. Only thing I did different this flight I just tried was to set the ILS frequencies on both pilot and co-pilot's radios myself to the same freq for the runway. With that both autopilots armed.

Now to just try that landing again. I over-estimated what I was doing when I flared and the plane floated above the runway for nearly a third of it's length. Of course, I ran the plane off the runway and the passengers weren't too pleased by that. And I got fussed at for using reverse thrust above 60 kts. 🙄 Oh well...at least no real passengers were harmed in the attempt.

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

Another flight and I got both a/p's active by setting the 2 nav radios to the same freq. That autoland is sweet. I let it do the landing just to see how it would work.

As for the reverse thruster; I misread the report. I got fussed at for keeping it active below 60kts, not above. I thought it was abovve so I waited til the speed wasa below 60 and I kicked the reverse in. And again I got docked points for doing that.

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Bindolaf Captain

Glad you got it figured out 🙂

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