FeelThere / Wilco ERJ145 - HELP !

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Don't know if anyone else has bought this brand new released add-on on CD yet ?

The plane is fantastic in everyway, from the models to the VC and amazing panel.

However the ILS is almost impossible to track (as many have pointed out on FeelThere's forum), and the AP HEADING system dies after 10 minutes in the air - meaning that you can't choose any Headings that ATC give you !

This basically makes the plane unflyable except for taking off and messing around hand-flying.

If anyone else knows what may cause this (the printed manual is very very poor, so it may be procedural rather than a bug), then please stick a posting on here !

I have posted a question of FeelThere's (The Developers) forum too.

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All of the above issues are solved by increasing Joystick Sensitivity NULL ZONES to just below half way.

In fact with these adjustments this is an AMAZING add-on and up there with the most comprehensive around.

Thanks to originalgrunge for his help with this add-on !

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