oh dear abacus!

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kianok First Officer

That VC is probably the worst i've seen

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fourby First Officer

I've taken a look 🙄 and I'm lost for words.

And to think, that I posted this.......... Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

didn't think much of their A380 either, its disappointing that you can get get better freeware Embarassed

Ryan F. Guest

yeah, Abacus seems to be the amateur of payware add-ons.

pilotwannabe has a good point, this is not payware material. if you can get ProjectOpenSky's aircraft for free, why would you want to pay for Abacus's less-than-impressive add-ons?

the screenshots from this commuter add-on don't impress me. (especially that god-awful virtual cockpit :puke🙂

and i'm not diminishing the people who work their butts off to make these add-ons. .. im simply saying -why would you pay for abacus when there's better freeware out there?

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

So they fly the plane from this cardboard box up front?


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Tailhook Chief Captain

Aahhh... I told you so. Feels great to be smug without disguising it. Whistle

We've disgussed Abacus on several occasions. They have some nifty stuff for a quick fix I guess, but if you want aircraft add-ons, look elsewhere.
As mentioned above, the freeware available is of better quality.

Let me put it this way: If you want fresh bread, you go to the bakery rather than the supermarket.
Abacus is the supermarket - look at their homepage: -- a little bit of everything.

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hinch Chief Captain

what annoys me is it probably would have taken them a good 2 minutes finding a photo and copying some textures. even the exterior textures are pure appalling. i don't keep freeware like that.

Ryan F. Guest

oh I know.. that VC is like a cardboard box! lol 😂

look at my post about this EXCELLENT freeware.

if this guy put a price tag on this AN-24, he'd definitely make some good money off it...

guest Guest

I bought an Abacus addon for FS98 (my first FS), forget what it was called, but it had a Blue Angel F/A-18 included, and that was the last for me. It amazes me that they are still in business.

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