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I have created a flight plan using FSNav but i cant work out how to export the plan so it will work with my PMDG FMC

I can see the export option but can't work out how to convert it to a .rte file.

Can anyone help??

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I don't have FSnavigator but I do have FSBuild. There both the same sort of programe.

This is what I do

I build my route using FSBuild, then export it to FS9
Start up FS9
Select my aircraft and select my airport
I goto Flight planner and load my flight but I don't move my aircraft
Start my flight
I then bring up the FMC and start inputting my arrive and depart ICAO and selecting what SID to depart.
When it comes to putting in the legs, this is what I do it might not work for everyone but it works for me.
I open up the Kneeboard and bring up the Navigation Log. This gives you all the legs on your flight plan.

This works for me give it a try and see how it goes


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kianok First Officer

Thanks Liono, i'll give it a try.

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