747-200 RFP (cold and dark problem)

Pappy55 Guest

I have a Problem with the '747-200 Ready For Pushback' addon

When I setup a flight plan and start it. The engines are already up and running and everything ready to start.

The only way I seam to be able to start from scratch is using the cold and dark pre set flight in the list.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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Pappy55 Guest

Am I the only person on the forum with the 747-200 RFP Addon?

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

I'm afraid that I don't but I am sure someone will come along and tend to your Question 😉

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Try this: Cold and Dark

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Bartholomew First Officer

I have 747-200 RFP too, and as far as I understand, you want to start the flight in cold and dark configuration.

Well, just start the cold and dark flight from the list and when the flight loads click end flight, and then, without exiting the FS, make a flight plan and start YOUR flight. The airplane should be in dark and cold postion.

By the way, are you experiencing an INS bug? (Sorry to change the subject)
I also have problems with the aircraft loader, although combi loader is working fine.

If I didn't answer your question please make me know, as I'm not sure I properly understood you.

Pappy55 Guest

Thanks Bartholomew,

How do I stop that damn alarm when i put throttles up on the gorund?
It stops once I am airborne.

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