Problem: Ready for pushback 747-200

Gedion Guest

I have the 747-200 RFP installed in FS2004.
When I select the aircraft FS first complains about not connecting to FSUIPC. When I click further, the 747 starts anyway.

In the cold and dark configuration, I manage to get up to the point to start the engines. Starting with #4, the N2 rises above 20%, and I put the fuel switch to 'rich'. Nothing happens - other then the igniter shutting, and N2 dropping again.

In the ready on runway configuration, the engines are running, but shut down automatically after a short while (when I advance the throttle, she gets halfway the runway or so).

What am I doing wrong, please I need some help. I think I go by the documentation.

I have a P4 3GHz 512MB FS2004.


Gedion Evers

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Pro Member Captain
David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I don't think you're particularly doing anything wrong - I think there's been a problem with your installation. You shouldn't be getting the FSUIPC error message, and it's likely that something like the "Battery Life" bug within FS2004 is causing this.

I'd try a complete re-install if this is practical. If you happen to have a fully registered version of FSUIPC, make sure the "Extend Battery Life" fix button is checked.

elkin Guest

Did you geter going allright!! If not, ya got more help available here.

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