New joystick

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I just got my new joystick and guess wich one it is... THE X52!!!

I have been buying several joysticks and they all didn't work, even after calibrating them a thousand times!

This joystick works like a dream. I've only been using it for a couple days, but so far it's ok.

if someone can put an image of it on here, that would be great!
(i dont know how to post images)[/img]

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Indeed,It's probably the best joystick ever,I just got mine a few weeks ago,and it's wonderful! 😀 I'll give some pics as soon as my digi cam's batt is recharged.

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beerbadger First Officer

that makes 3 of us =)

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amermel First Officer

grats bud

i have a ch products yoke its awesome for the small airplanes and the airliners.

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