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My First FS Passenger Report

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PanAmerican Captain

Flight ID: HA953
Pilot: Nick O'Dell
Company: Henderson Airways
Aircraft: Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian
Flight Date: April 15 2006
Departure: 17h51 (00h51 GMT)
Arrival: 18h07 (01h07 GMT)
From: 0L7
Nbr of Passengers: 6


Flight Distance: 15 Nm Landing Speed: 68.95 kt
Time Airborne: 00h11:21 Landing Touchdown: -262.31 ft/m (nice)
Flight Time (block): 00h16:23 Landing Pitch: 4.17
Time On Ground: 00h05:50 Landing Weight: 6990 lbs
Average Speed: 81.66 kt Total Fuel Used: 70 lbs
Max. Altitude: 6581ft Fuel Not Used: 261 lbs

Passenger Opinion: Very good flight, professionally done (98%)

Financial Report:

Ticket Income: +$8 (15 Nm)
Cargo Income: +$31 (817 lbs)
Services Income: +$0 (0 sandwich 0 hot food 0 drink)
Services Cost: -$0 (100% quality)
Fuel Cost: -$45 (70 lbs Jet-A1)
Airport Taxes: -$9 (Small Aircraft)
Insurance Costs: -$1 (4.32% rate)
Total Real Income: $-16
Total Income: $-800 (real x50)
Fleet Bonus: $0 (0 aircraft)
Total Sim Income: $-800 (total income+fleet bonus)

Company Reputation:

Considering that the flight was very good,the tickets price very low,passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 98%
Your company reputation is now: 68% (+3.00 increase)

Overall Flight Result: Perfect

Pilot Bonus points: 180 points
You made a very nice landing. (+50)
Good Flight, no problems and satisfied passengers. (+100)
You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)

After I saw how much money I lost, I raised my prices by $20. Now, I'm making money, and people are still flying my airline too. 😎

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Group Wave Well done...satisfied passengers - always a good sign 😉

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Canyon (NoWorries) Captain

Cool, flying longer flights will also increase your income.

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Well done on the first of many PanAmerican 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain


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beerbadger First Officer

Amazing for a first reports mate, but i would raise the prices too lol.

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