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I was looking for a joystick, and came across these models:

Lgitech extreme 3d pro; good joystick, with twist handle
Saitek X45; beautiful system, but NO twist handle?????
Thrustmaster top gun fox2; just cheap

What joystick could I take? I really, really, really want a twist handle, and I don't want/need force feedback.

I wan't to buy one secondhand, or new in the Netherlands with a price tag of like max 50-60$


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Hi ProXius 😉 I use the Saitek Cyborg evo, check it out here ..........

£34.99 = 111.073 NLG = 62.54 USD

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Out of the three you mention i'd go for the Lgitech extreme 3d pro 😉

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pilotwannabe wrote:

Out of the three you mention i'd go for the Lgitech extreme 3d pro 😉


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Thx for the reply's,
I am getting my logitech extreme 3d pro very soon 😀

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Ian Stephens is an expert on this topic. Read his bio here.

I posted an article here reviewing some great joysticks:

Feel free to comment on the article over there.

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