recomend the best joystick controls

macsquirty Guest

can anyone please tell me of the best way to control helicopters in fs 2004 and what the best equipment controls to have are at an affordable p
rice........want as much realism as possible

many thanx

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There are quite a few joysticks available. I use the old MS Sidewinder and have absolutely no problems with it. One of these days I'll get a yoke and pedals but until then...

One of the best-

You don't need "force feedback".

macsquirty Guest

iis it fairly simple to attach pedals and seperate throttle so as to make the manual controls more realistic?
this would be exactly the package that i need..(seperate cyclic,collective, throttle and antitorque controls) 😉

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These are the best for the money.
Check out this web-board, there are many questions and answers about this that may help you.

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Also, look for a joystick that has a rudder option in its function. These are a must for controlling helicopters - but if you are willing to spend money on pedals, check this out:

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macsquirty Guest

thanx for all your help....have a look at this all the helicopter buffs out there......

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Ian Stephens is an expert on this topic. Read his bio here.

I posted an article here reviewing some great joysticks:

Feel free to comment on the article over there.

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