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How to transmit radio messages

Erdling Guest

Hi there, I have a question concerning real-life-aviation (I hope it's OK to post it here...):

How do pilots transmit their radio messages? Ahm, I mean, you usually have to push a button to broadcast something on a radio, but where is that button in an airliner's cockpit? On the steering... thing (howz that called in English again?)?
In an Airbus, they have this little red button on the sidestick, right? But I thought that this button is for disengaging the autopilot... So where do you push to do broadcast something? Somewhere on the panel? Sounds inconvenient...

Anyways, hope somebody can give me an answer...

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

On Boeings there's usually a trigger on the rear side of the control yoke...I think. At least thats where it is in the 742.


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

The Push To Talk (PTT) button is located on the top of the left handle of the yoke on Cessna's and Boeing's. Its only a thumb reach away so there is no unnecessary effort involved, and of course, you can control the aircraft whilst communicating. I'd imagine its in a similar position on the joystick of an Airbus 😉

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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

they put the ptt button in the most concenient place

Erdling Guest

Thanks a lot! I figured it would be somewhere easily reachable, but just to make sure 😀

So far, i've only been flying FS2004 on a friend's computer while he was on holiday, but I'm gonna get a new one soon and I can't wait to install the simulator!
Do you know Stefan Zweig's book "Chess" (in German: "Schachnovelle")? I've been thinking so much about FS2004, if I waited a little longer, I probably wouldn't need a computer to fly 😀

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

On the F-15 and F/A-22, it's on the throttle grip.

In the back of an F-15E, it's on the floor, so the navigator(they hate it when you call them that) doesn't have to move his hands in case he's guiding glide bomb...which needs to be steered. Just step on it.

Bell 206's have a conventional fighter jet looking control stick. It looks like the trigger should shoot the gun and the other button should shoot the missile, but the trigger is for radio transmission, and the missile button is for intercom.

Don Wood Guest

As you might infer from the replies, the push-to-talk switch can be located in a variety of places, depending on the particular aircraft. Many of the newer light aircraft have a button mounted on the stick or yoke. In many older a/c, there is no installed PTT switch. It is located on the handheld micrphone itself or may come as an accessory with an aftermarket headset which can be installed (with velcro straps) where the pilot wants it. Most medium and larger a/c have a PTT somewhere but, again, the location my vary with each a/c.

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