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I am looking to buy an airplaine hopefully by the end of the year. I have flown the Skymaster once and was very impressed. The can be bought fairly reasonable. I would like to hear opinions from some who have flown them more than I.
Also I have heard some say that, sence the engines are inline, you arnt required to have a multi engine rating to fly them. Anyone know for sure?

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I too like the Cessna 337 Skymaster, it's a very distinctive aircraft. You are required to have a multi-engine rating to fly the C-337. If you complete the multi-engine check ride in the C-337, your certificate will have the limitation of "only center line thrust" and you will be limited to aircraft like the C-337. If you complete your check ride in a conventional twin, you can fly conventional or center line thrust multi-engine aircraft. 🙂

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I have not flown the a/c so I can't answer your specific questions. I do suggest that before buying, you join the Cessna Owner's Association ( They have a great deal of information about piloting techniques, AD's, maintenance issues, crash history, etc regarding all Cessna models.

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