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Hi Guys

Thanks for the replying to my last post. I am woundering hoe to create SID/STARs or u can say Flight plans which we can enter into the FMC

I have gone throgh so many websites but cant understand
Pls help me to understand so that I can configure my FMC

Waiting for reply


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Well as far I know you the pilot doesn't create STARS/SID's...they are pre-determined by the authorities, and require charts to follow. As for flight planning....use the utility included in FS to get your route of flight. Im not sure about the PMDG 747, but on some FMC's they give you the option to load an FS flight plan. It saves a lot of work but this feature may not be inlcuded. 😉

If it's not you'll have to type in each waypoint, using your navlog, manually into the scrathpad 😉

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unfortunately you can load flight plans from FS in the FMC.

The easiest way is to use FSNavigator or FSbuild.

If you got to navdata you can download the SID/STARS into you FMC folder.

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