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have downloaded the openskys panel for the 737-800 but when loaded up there no dials, where am i going wrong?????? i use the c drive ,program microsoft route. Embarassed

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

When you download the file, you need to copy the gauge files from the downloaded file to your FS9 Gauge folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Gauges) to make your dials and gauges work 😉

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thanks for that but all dials have gone.all i have black holes no dials in any aircraft,that is also the case in the pre loaded game ones ,could i have wiped the gauges file by mistake ,so will this mean i need to load the game back up from the start ,made by a computer ,worked by a idiot Embarassed

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lkw First Officer

If the gauges are the only problme you could copy them from the CD's

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thanks for that,but how ?let me start from the begining downloaded the popsky bbj so that comes with no panel display,so i download that so then i open and put it with the plane main floder .then load up the sim and no display,so i reopen it and looked for gauges file but there was no file for me to put them in so ?also it was the same with the hjg dc8 and convair 990 so now i fly but blind with no where to go but up. Mad

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