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I was coming in to land at EGNS earlier today. There was a pretty severe crosswind so I decided to fly the final approach manually.
I dont have rudder pedals so I have to use the keyboard.
Problem is forgot to straighten the rudder before touchdown so after a pretty nice landing I was all over the place on the runway 😂
Must have given my pax a flight.

Here is the vid

Oh, I let my speed drop a bit too much and nearly landed to early, you will see what I mean Wink

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Nice Landing 👍

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Very nice 👍

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I am learning to fly at EGNM Rwy 14/32. This runway always seems to have severe crosswind.

My instructor gave me some advice which may help you!

If the wind is coming from the port side (left) then keep the plane flying straight to the runway, bank left and using the rudder and the opposite if the wind is from the starboard side (right)

Effectively you land on one set of wheels first, in the above case, the left wheel first. Gently bring the other wheels on the runway, and at least for me, there always centre landings.

Good luck

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To correct my previous post, the part with the rudder, bank left, with right rudder

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EGNM are you with Multiflight or LFS?

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