ok I am mad

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Brian B. (valcan222) Trainee

OK I was on a flight from phenox to seattle in a boeing 737-800 I was at FL250 I had just crossed the california oregon border and a message comes up saying that microsoft flight simulator has incounterd a problem and needs to close this is the first time this has happend and I am vary upset. can anyone help me on this?


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Sphagnum1 Guest

If it's the first time, consider yourself lucky... That happens from time to time...

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PanAmerican Captain

Get used to that error message. I get it at least 10 times a week.

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Brian B. (valcan222) Trainee

your saying this is normal? if this is normal I am going to quit playing FS9 all together I play it for long flights if this happes alot I am getting rid of FS9, I am not going to stand to get a error message 10 time a week I am going to play a little bit longer if this keeps up then I am done with FS I am training to get my private licence anyways.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If this is the first time it may have been the last add-on you installed or the computer is overheating, clean the fans particularly the heatsink.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Normally this only happens when fs finds something it does not like,like a scenery file(espesally mid flight)
Have you added any scenery for this area ?
If you have,check for a fix for the scenery

Can also happen if you select an aircraft with a bad panel,but normally you dont even get fs to load in that case

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hinch Chief Captain

i've only ever had that error once and fs crash the same.

i love my stable system 🙂

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davidmac1 First Officer

i suppose i'm lucky, whenever it does that with me is before i start a flight

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

um... save the flight every 10 min tahts what i do i get taht window about 3 times a month.

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