why don't some planes appear?

santos Guest

when i'm playing flight simulator i have 2 default planes that don't appear, the de-Havilland dash8 and McDonnell-Douglas MD-83. i've checked the files in them and they're similar to the ones in the planes that work. i'd like to know if it's just my problem or it's from the game. if i could do something...

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Adding and seeing aircraft.
See if this helps at all.
If not let us know exactly what the problem is and your system specs.



santos Guest

yeah, it happens that the DeHavilland dash8's sound folder on FS 2002 appears as

I think this isn't a default plane!
this plane also doesn't have a panel folder.

the McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83 also doesn't have a panel folder bu the sound is OK

these planes came with the game so I don't understand why don't they have these things!!

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Locate them on the disk and pick off the folder, or if you can, have a friend send them to you. They may have not fully downloaded or installed when you installed the Sim
If they did once work then now for some unknown reason they've been corrupted.


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