Mooney Bravo drifts

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Sorry if this has been covered before. I am flying the Mooney Bravo for the first time and after taking off it drifts quite significantly to the right. I have no wind, I have set weather to clear skies yet it still drifts off.

The only way I can correct it is by rudder trim but it still tends to drift. I never used rudder trim before - I am working my way up to the Boeings,only flown the Cessna and DC-3- so is it usual to trim the rudder when flying aircraft like the Mooney Bravo?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

it is the Gyro effect go into settings then under realsims and weather select "Realsim" turn down the Gyro setting.

Guest Ed Guest

The Mooney has a fuel tank switch for Left or Right, but not Both. If you leave the switch on Left all the time, the plane will continue to burn fuel from the Left tank, which means that the right side of of the plane is getting relatively heavier. Eventually, the plane will tend to turn to the right just because it's heavier on that side.

Try it: switch the switch to Right, and fly for an hour. The plane will be turning to the left. Weight distribution is important in small planes; whether or not you have a passenger in the right seat will affect the handling, even in FS09.

What I have done in FS09 when I flew the Mooney on extended tours is to switch fuel tanks every 15 minutes, so that the tanks empty evenly.

Or just use the autopilot.


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mikebl Trainee

Im new here as of yesterday and the reason I joined was to find the answer to why the Mooney drifts.

I've got the exact same problem with the Mooney as the earlier post has. After reading and seeing the reply to his problem, I checked out my gyro setting and it was all the way to the left. I then fired up the Mooney again and it still drifts.

Let me add to this, I believe that the Mooney is the only one so far that I've had this problem with. the Cessna's seem to work fine.

Thanks ahead for any responses

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

It sounds like the slipstream effect - where the rotating propellor causes a spiral of disturbed air towards the vertical stabiliser. On a right hand turning propellor, it hits the left side of the stabiliser which gives it lift, so it forces the nose left. The reason you might be experiencing this more in the Moony is because it is a more powerful engine than the smaller Cessnas, so the slipstream effect is more pronounced.
You can get rid of this by lowering all of your sliders in the Realism display box.

Other reasons already mentioned could be the need to re-calibrate your joystick or keep switching your fuel selector valve.

Excelsis Guest

99jolegg wrote:

You can get rid of this by lowering all of your sliders in the Realism display box.

Other reasons already mentioned could be the need to re-calibrate your joystick or keep switching your fuel selector valve.

Thank for all the replies. I tried all of the tips but still no joy. However, it's good to know that I am not the only one with this problem!

BlanketyBlank Guest

I had the "Aircraft drifting right" issue for some time as well (I have the CH Yoke ss a controller)...I found the problem was Prop Axis...the axis that the prop is set to can cause the aircraft to pull left/right...try centering that...

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Solution !! : ok When u have the gyro drif tits not only in takeoff even landing thats why peaple do crosswinds and even in cruise flying, so just torn on the hold yoke dumper. thats helping to me.

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

Before you start your flight go to fuel and payload and just make sure that there is the same amount of weight on the right side of the aircraft as there is on the left side of the aircraft.

Pilau Guest

And while flying use Ed's trick.

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