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Hi all,

First I will warn you I'm not much of an expert when it comes to video, graphics, etc.

Secondly here is my computers Specifications:
- Acer Aspire T310 AcerPower
- Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
- 2.60 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
- ST340015A [Hard drive] (40.02 GB)
- 512MB RAM DDR PC2700 (2x 256MB)
- ATI Radeon 9700 Pro (Omega 3.8.252 driver)
- 17" CMV CT722A Flat Panel LCD Monitor
- 200W Power Supply

Me and alot of other people have being having problems with picture corruption in the game. It happens both night and day.

What it affects:
planes (including AI)
in-game writing (ATC, Parking Brakes, etc.)

Doesn't affect:
panels (inc. virtual cockpits)

I have googled this serveral time, I tried the guide on, I have fiddled with the settings myself and I have tried different drivers (including CAT 6.6).

I have now found my way onto the Omega Drives, I read somewhere else that there drivers resolved the problem. Well they did, but now in FS2004 in Displays settings under Hardware, the game can't find the can't find a Device.

As a result everything under Hardware is now grayed out except for Frame Rate setting, I have it set at unlimted but I only average around 7 frames per second. The grayed out settings are as follows:

- Device name: blank
- Frame Rate: unlimited (averages 7 FPS ingame, this is the only thing I can change but it says around 7FPS no matter what)
Rendering Options

Render to Texture: un-checked
Transform and Lighting: un-checked
Anti-aliasing: un-checked
Filtering: none
MIP Mapping Quality: none
Hardware-rendered Lights: 8
Global max texture size: massive
No available resolutions.
Reset Defaults does nothing.

Direct 3D settings are as follows (I can change these settings)

Anti-aliasing: 6X
Temporal Anti-aliasing: un-checked
Anisotrpic Filtering: 16X
Anisotropic Filtering Method: Performance
Texture Preference: High Quality
Mipmap detail level: High Quality
Wait for vertical sync: application preference

Happy to give any further details if required.


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Your video card isn't the best but it isn't the worse that I've seen here either.
You could use more ram but 512 is sufficient.
200w p/s is low, usually the no name brands that they put into a off the shelf computer run less than advertised.

Don't use the latest drivers for that card, it can't take it.
I have the Ati 9800 pro 128 and use the 5.7 drivers.
I have my AA at 4, AF at 16 and mip map at 5. Your other settings are very conservative.

Even though it would tax your p/s I would add a case clean to exhaust the air out of the back of the case, you can put it on the grid, they are quite cheap.
Keep your computer fans and especially the heatsink clean of dust.

Using this program might free up some of your memory for the sim to use.

I also use this to monitor my computer temperature, see if it applies to your P-4.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.


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