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AI Traffic?

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I dont get how to put AI traffic on Flight Simulator 2004. Do i need to install something? Can someone please help me?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Dont Know That's why I bought Ultimate Traffic!
TTT will help but he's Sleep right now, wait about 4 hours.
Meanwhile try here or wait for someone else that's used it.


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How to install AI aircraft.

You'll find AI aircraft and AI flight plans at Arrow (registration is free). Smile

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Sleep Im here now,just Ill
Fs9 does have its own AI,but,lets be honest,its pants
Have a look here Arrow

I can recommend ProjectAi as I used to use it(its very good)but you do need to d/load quite a lot to get it looking good.Its well worth the effort as you can taylor the airlines you see to what you would see in real life.
I now use Traffic2004/5(update)(payware)and its great,easy install,blah,blah(I do miss tinkering with the airlines and traffic plans Rolling Eyes )
ProjectAi is as good as payware,but just needs that bit more effort to get it right

Try it,and if you get stuck,there are plenty of people her who will help Wink

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