Do we need to have a joystick for fs04?

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hi i was just wondering if i need to play with a joy stick or can you use your keyboard and mouse instead

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This is the answer I gave you in the other post.
You can operate the aircraft with the keyboard but it's much easier and more realistic when you use a joystick.
The mouse as a yoke isn't in 2004 but there is a workaround, use a joystick.
I would highly advise the use of one.
Glad you found it for a good price!


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I have always used the keyboard. I sort of distrust the joystick as I've read about a lot of problems with FS'04( lockups and crashes) that seem to be related to the joysticks. I have so far avoided those problems. Besides, I'm so used to the kybd I doubt I could get used to a stick. If I could afford it I would get a yolk and rudder pedals like the real mccoy.

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