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is there some way that we can have a crack instead of outting the disk in everytime, i seen the link in another persons thread but you have to be a member can someone give me a link so i dunt have to be a member

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canadarox Guest

if someone does have think link or the zip can they email it to me, let me know on here first then i giove you my email address

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You can download the crack from us or any of the 5 sites I listed in this post.


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HI you can also find a copy of the NO CD crack at:
In the GCW search field just type flight simulator 2004. And it will take you to the CD crack. WARNING>>>> be careful of virus's, pop-ups, spam. Make sure that you have your pop up blocker running, firewalls and anti virus activated. Embarassed

You can trust me on this, however I have a good copy that I used on my system and its clean. Email me at and I will send it to you in a zip file! 👍

Happy Flying!!!

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