Is updating to 9.1 worth it?


Hey everyone

I just got a copy of Active Camera, but it turns out the version that I have is only compatibale with Flight Sim 9.1, not 9.0 which I have and have had for a long while, and I have a lot of add-ons

My questions are, should I update to version 9.1? I seriously doubt it increases frames much anyway, and I dont care about broken bridges, I would just like Active Camera to work and not have any other of my add-ons affected, espcially my payware ones (which at the moment are FsPax and Active Camera), but there are lots of freeware aircraft, scenery, weather effects etc that I would not like damaged or lost

So my questions are

1. What add-ons are there known issues with when updating to 9.1
2. If anything does go wrong if I update, is it easily reversable back to 9.1 without losing any files if possible?
3. I know my no-cd crack will not work with the updated version, so can someone please tell me where I can get a link to a 9.1 crack

If someone can answer those three I would be most grateful,


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there is no issue updating to 9.1 - so just do it Wink

there is a no-cd patch for it aswell on here.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Yes you can delete the 9.1 patch if it gives you problems.

If you follow the directions step by step it should install properly.

We have the 9.1 crack here but the download is for members only.
I know you can find it elsewhere, perhaps on .



I updated it

No problems yet, and active camera is working 😀

Thanks for the help

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