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*** PEDALS and YOKE***

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

hi, guys i am sorry but i am realy happy, 2 news,

1: I live in toronto, in canada, and there is an airport called battneville, i went there today, i bought my pedals and yoke, i tried it flying, so hard, with the pedals i am so upset i dont know how to use them, they are so sensative. but i ma happy i have both.

2: In this airport, i asked for flying lessons and u know what ?.... they said that i am good an next year i am gonna studdy ibn flying school for my PPL !!!!!!!!!!, so i am gonna go to 2 schools for flying, the air cadets witch the procces abit slower, and the flying school at this airport.

i am so happy, so i just posted here, about the pedals its hard but worth it ! like u real pilot !

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Congratulations on both, and enjoy both!


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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

yea thx, but its a bit hard to control the peddals
i am practicing now, when i am ok i will continue flying Laughing

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Congratulations on your additional setup and the starting of your PPL - Good luck! Thumbs Up!

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Thumbs Up!

Jamie4590 Guest

I just use a mouse and keyboard and although my setup is adaquate and I have all the trim controls to my liking I often wonder what I'm missing by not having a yoke and pedals. A few more monitors would be nice as well. FS supports multiple monitors do many other flight sims and is it hard work to configure?

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Flight Simulator is so much more enjoyable with a joy stick. I don't see how anyone flies without it(FS2004). I would highly recommend that you get a joystick. You can get one for $20-$30 at Walmart or BestBuy. Controlling the aircraft with your hands on the stick is flying. Maneuvering a Piper Cub or the Extra 300 is what it's about. Hand flying a ILS in the Boeing 737-400. Without the joy stick, it's very unrealistic. You just push buttons and watch the autopilot fly. You may as well just watch a flight simulator video! Get a joy stick and experience flight. Smile

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