Need advice for VOR to VOR navigation

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Boy oh boy, 'gotta hand it to you real life flyers out there. This VOR training's driving me nuts! I pretty much understand the concept behind VOR navigation, but the problem lies with me when it comes to its application. Using a Cessna plane for training, I get lost immediately after tuning NAV frequencies on the ground, haha! No problem with the Beechcraft models since the ADF/VOR2 points me to the right direction after take off (about 1000ft). I just don't know how one's supposed to do it on a Cessna???

I know how to do a VOR approach by the way, but finding the right direction to that particular VOR AFTER take off is the part that's confusing me. I can generally orient myself by looking at the map or GPS, but I find that too much of a cheat. So, what step am I missing?

I still feel quite dubious about getting the first 2 flightsim certificates since it was quite easy considering the trainer was telling me when and where to make the turn to intercept the doggone VOR. My apologies in advance if this inquiry sounds ignorant. I have no real life flying skills and this is the closest I can get to my dream of flying Embarassed .

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Here's what you have to do. We'll discuss radial intercept later. Get flying. Tune the proper vor freq. The turn the OBS until the needle centers with a TO indication!!!!! Do you know what reverse sensing is?!?!?!

Don't just tune and center the obs and hope to get there. Practice 'homing to the VOR.. That is keep turning the obs and keep it centered. Whatever the CDI is pointing to E.G., 234 degrees, keep that heading. If your heading differs from the CDI. repeat the process.

When you are profficient at this. Then go to VOR radial tracking.

Squawk proplinercaptain for flight following.

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Thanks Elkinallen. I'll practice what you have suggested. Here's hoping I'll get it this time.

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HA! I got it the first try! Ok, It might have been just luck, hehe. Anyway, I'll keep at it. As far as reverse sensing's concerned, I can't find a lead about that particular terminology. All I get are infos about vehicle systems on safety.

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Reverse sensing is when you are flying toward the vor with the to/from indicator pointing to the rear of your plane!!! This is BAD BAD BAD

If your flying to the vor, the obs better have the same compass number at the top as the aircraft compass.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain looks liek you are new here? How do you like it so far?

I'm not like a Moderator or anything, nor am i the welcoming committe...just thought I'd say HEY!

If you are flying, or looking to fly the sim jets...I'm your guy...thats all i fly!

You can PM me here with any questions, or use msn or yahoo

yahoo: same as my login name here!

Elkin can help you with nearly anything, cause i *think*, but i camt remember exactly...that he's a CFI?....heck, he'll even mod the plane out for you...
If you cant find it...Radarman will...99% of the time!

(I'm sellin you up here's hopin you can cope with your "fan club" after i'm done with you)
(Radarman, I'm your fan club...cause i can never find anything)

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FEM, If I could fly and had the knowledge that you have I'd be in the sim and off the net all day and night.
I'll stick to my tail-draggers and landing on roads, less to learn but not as exciting as big iron.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

aww...come on, I love flyin prop planes! Especially exploring alaska and places like that.

You ought to try flying the big iron more, I'll be glad to help you out as much as I can! I bet if we worked on it, you'd get better than me...and i've got around a year on them!

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Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I'm quite excited learning this stuff as well. Especially my father told me that I could learn a great deal about aviation with MS Flight Simulator. It's the closest I can get to actually flying a plane. Currently, I'm going thru the whole Flight Sim pilot certification and I have acquired 2 out of 5 certs at a snail's pace, hehe.

I'm definitely looking forward to fly the sim jets too. For now, I'll be concentrating on the certs.

I also have a liking for turbo prop planes. Especially the C-130 Hercules. I practically grew up in its cockpit thanks to my old man. Anyway, I'll be a constant visitor here and very glad to know that you guys are here to lend a helping hand.

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Real pilots use all the resources available to them when they navigate. I'm a real pilot too. There is nothing wrong at all about looking at the maps or GPS in order to orient yourself and fly to or from a VOR, That is called using ALL available resources. There nothing cheesy about it. It's better that getting lost or worse--- Accidentally flying into an FAA designated TFR Temporary Flight Restriction. It is a good way to get in BIG trouble-----FAST!

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Read you load and clear Leadfoot. Glancing at the map and GPS actually convinced me that I'm doing the VOR navigation correctly. I'm moving on to ILS currently and by the looks of things, I'm in for a roller coaster ride.

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Right you are leadfoot!!!

When I fly, I have: Thomas guide,VFR/IFR charts, WACS, TACS, SEC, plates, and that little brown VFR airport giuide. I forget the name of it.

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