just a few questions about traffic

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Brian B. (valcan222) Trainee

Ok I have ultimate traffic and I am haveing some trubble with it. Ok first off most of the time I am on approach and a plane will taxi onto the runway as a result I will have to go around. Another problem is that I will be on the runway ready for takeoff and a plane will taxi out and be inside my plane. I really hate that, another question is how do i replace the crapy planes with better looking ones?


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Are you saying, that afteer the ATC has cleared you for take off or landing, that they are clearing other planes to go?
I've had to wait a long time, but after clearance was given the runway was mine.

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Brian B. (valcan222) Trainee

Yes I have been cleared onto the runway and another jet was not clear or atleast I didnt hear him get clearance, he then ran into me.

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

To replace AI planes first you have to download new ones, vopy them into your aircrafts folder, take care of the .cfg file and then open Ultimate Traffic go to utilities and change the assigments of the aircraft in an airline.

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Brian B. (valcan222) Trainee

umm sorry but that made no sence to me. i have no idea how to do any of this and i have been forced to shut down traffic complatly. oh and just wondering with radar contact 4 is that compatible with ultimate traffic? because i am thinking on getting it.

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Donald Stratton (GoneGolfing) First Officer

valcan222 radar contact 4 is a very nice atc program, i use it to replace the boring fs atc i also have ultimate traffic to but i bought it and it just sits in my cd rack till i get a better gaphics card.

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AiSmooth will help with this problem(well, it works for me with Traffic2005)
No set up required(except to turn the robotic voice off) and your landings will be trouble free ➡


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