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Just downloaded the FSX Demo and I have to say I am dissapointed. Firstly with the " Robotic " ATC. One of the developments I expected Microsoft would make would be that of the ATC, but it remains the same. I'm sure that with the advance of technology, ATC could be made more realistic, but still sounds like I am talking to a robot. Oh well......Maybe the next release.
I think the game has been far to hyped as I dont see that many improvments, other than the slight increase in graphics. Sorry to say I don't think I will be buying FSX on its release

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Jon kindly posted a few links on enhancements and features left out for FSX, which I suggest you read . . .

They have some interesting facts in there.

Also, many people tried the demo and were disappointed with the lack of apparent improvement, however you have to be aware of the fact that the demo does not accurately reflect the final product.
Just wait 'till you read the reviews before you decide to abstain from purchasing FSX 😉

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Crosscheck, what your signature all about?

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Anyone hear about an update for the demo?

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