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Landing in a A319

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leachus2002 First Officer

Hey Peeps,

I have just made this video of what I think is one of my best landings - just wondered what everyone thinks:

I am in an Easyjet A319

- interior view

- exterior

Comments welcome Smile

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Jared Captain

Well to me it looks like a smooth landing.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Very nice landing, I like the exterior version better.


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mikecurrie Trainee

good stuff Exclamation better than my landings Embarassed

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leachus2002 First Officer

Here is another one of me landing at Charles de Gaulle after a 50min flight from heathrow. Looks like I could be staying here tonight :p the weather isn't all that good, hint the off centre landing lol:

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The combination looks nice. I was never a big fan of wing views (that just me), it was a good landing to me (I like tire smoke Very Happy ).


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spitfiresrule First Officer

Mmmm not bad but I think you touched down twice.......

Immanuel Guest

Woow.. where do you download those extreme good texture/scenery, when you land at Frankfurt. Highway with visible moving cars and very airport texture/scenery??

MrSam Guest

That was a decent landing, and yes you did hit the ground twice.. Try flaring before you land, which will lower your vertical speed.

I enjoy landing A319s as well. Here is my video in which I make several crosswind landings in a A319:

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