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hi folks. i want to buy microsoft flight simulator 2004 because i like sim games like this one. i want to know if the games comes with an strategy guide or something like that to help me doing landings, take offs, etc etc etc.
i read that the game has a learning center that helps you in all the things you want to know. but i want to know if the game has a strategy guide included.


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No, to cut down the cost to them and to us MS has seen fit to give us a booklet instead of a manual. This is my first flight sim and If I can do it with the lessons (which I just glanced at) so can you.
The learning videos and reading forums like this is the help I needed.
Just get the sim and a joystick, if your computer is up to too can enjoy the free world of flight!


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😀 Hello Tom
Umm... Strategy guide Nope (although I have seen one on sale at a well known pc shop)
The learning center is Ermm... Ok
The tests are Fear

If you like sims and you like flying, you will love it ❤️

Just before you part with the cash,make sure your pc is up to scratch,fs9 is a very hungry beast when flying with all he bells and whistles switched on
You need a good processor,good graphics card and a fair but of memory.
I know what Microsoft say on the box Liar Trust me,you realy need 512mbs min

Post your pc specs and we will tell you what to expect from the sim

Tom. Guest

hey TTT! thank you for your information that you gave me. i'm interested on the strategy guide that you have seen on that well known pc shop. what's the website? does it ships internationally?
thank you,


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😀 I dont know which side of the pond you are on but PC wxxxx in the UK has it on line for under £12
If your the other side ,I found this with a few reviews

Hope it helps

Oops! Wrong link try this one

Tom. Guest

thanks TTT. that's exactly but exactly what i'm looking for. i'll buy it right now. i can't wait to have it in my hands 😀
again, thank you

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Tom,

I just bought a SUPERB strategy guide yesterday....

It's: "Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets for Flight Simulator 2004"

It applies to both newcomers and the more experianced and within 5 minutes of reading & had scribbled down around 5 new tips that I didn't previoulsy know about.

I think it's an American publication but I got it in PC World in the UK.

Would highly recommend!

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