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Just bought FS2004. I'm a quite a novice and can't be asked to read the manuals or do the training. Anyway 2 major problems I have is finding the destination airport and the runway, I keep flying around looking for the runway or airport.

Secondly when I'm taxing I can't find the runways I'm supposed to take off from. Any help would be much appreciated. Smile

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Look for the red beacon light. That's the airport

Shift+3 brings up the GPS, the green lines on it are the airports in the area.
Press the "~" key (next to the "1" and the ATC will come up, follow the directions in the window and they'll tell you how far the next airport is and what direction to fly in to get there.
If you want, press shift+6 and a compass (if the craft has one) will come up and you can do like I do, fly by the seat of your pants.
As to the runways, when you "create a flight" you start off on the beginning of the main runway, just release your brake, get up to the right takeoff speed for your particular aircraft, pull back gently on the joystick and your airborne.
To land come in at a low angle and deploy your flaps (keep pressing "F7") and they will come down slowly (4 times) to slow the craft.
If you are flying big airliners when you land press "F2" for the reverse thrusters to help you slow down.
Have fun and ask what you want when ever you want.


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After getting clearance to taxi to the runway, press " Turn on Progressive Taxi ". That purple line should lead you right where you need to go.


Thanks guys, you've both been a great help. Wink

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Another good way is to select the alt+s view and zoom out so that you get a good view of the entire airport.

When I was in pilot training, I used to look at the copass to find the basic direction that the runway was (As far as the direction for takeoff) I then would reason that -'Well, I must go that way for the threshhold'

and such!


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