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My air speed indicator is giving false readings. Its a problem that occured only recently. The needle moves as normal until it reaches about 300KTAS and then stops there even though other instruments such as the machmeter and captains display show my correct airspeed. The airspeed diplayed by pressing CTRL & Z corresponds to the ASI which is incorrect. Very confusing. I know the ASI is incorrect because I calculated distance travelled and it showed I was at M 0.80 but my ASI showed 300KTAS. If I'm pitched up in a climb then the ASI begins slowly falling from 300 down to zero probably.

Its really frustrating and I've had to abort flights because I can't fly without the ASI. I could ignore it and use the other instruments but everything has to be perfect or I give up.

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Jamie4590 Guest

I've just read other posts about the ASI but the problem is the dial peaks at something like 550KTAS by which time I've switched to the machmeter and the needle would go all the way round until it was at the maximum. Now it stops half way at about 300KTAS every time. Everything is set as it should be such as the ADC which powers it so its strange why its happening. I don't want to tinker with the gauges as I dont have the aircraft CD-ROM incase I need to re-install! Could it be a corrupt file within that particular gauge?

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The ASI is not designed to show TAS. I know that FS has the option but at high speeds, it won't work. The ADC can compute TAS but this is normally in the form of a digital display, it doesn't change the value of the ASI. The ASI should always be set to show indicated air speed.🙂

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