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tomthetank Chief Captain

Ok so we all like fs9,but best of all we like taking off and landing,oh and perhaps watching a replay after 👍
Sometimes we may only have a 1/2 hour or so to spare,so next time you fly a full flight STOP(Alt/flights/save) and save your flight, say just before you start your desent,and again at say 15000,and again just before final.
Give each one a name and a short discription and next time you only have 1/2 hour or so to spare you have some ready made flights
If you have one you realy enjoy,tick the box to make it your default start point when saving the flight

So doing it this way you can takeoff from Heathrow and climb to say 10000,hit Alt/flight/ and be landing the other side of the world in minutes instead of hours
I know it may upset the purists but,hey its your time,its your sim........enjoy it

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Yeah I sometimes do things this way but at heart I guess I am a purist as I try to avoid any 'cheats' wherever possible.... I rarely speed up the Simulation Rate for instance.... but I agree, I have been known to take the 737 NG out from EGNT and 10 minutes out, file a new IFR back to Newcastle (!) because you're right, T/O, Descent and Landing is the most fun....

I absolutely love the 'Instant Replay' facility and always watch my T/Os and Landings back with a variety of views... One word of caution though, if you Pause a sim just after T/O and then go into 'Instant Replay' and set it back to watch your take-off, when you go back to the actual flight and unpause the game, YOUR SETTINGS WILL BE ALL OVER THE PLACE !! (especially the A/P)...

So I tend to note down the time just before tak-off and then when I've finished the flight, I can put the 'Instant Replay' time back to the start and watch my Take-off, then set it back just a few minutes to watch my landing.

Anyhoo TTT, you should be using these 30 minute 'windows' for some hand flying practice in some GA crafts !!

Next time you have 30 minutes fly GLASGOW - BARRA in the King Air, if you have a good PC, the graphics are amazing and also you are replicating a real 'Logan Air' route that exists....

Best of all, the BARRA FS9 airport replicates the wonder of the real BARRA airport - the airport is a BEACH !!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Yep a nice little flight,just over the 1/2 hour
I had to turn real weather off as I could'nt see


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

You have discovered my favourite airport - Barra!!! Haven't flown into in real life but visited it a couple of years ago.
My sister made the return flight last week and she says - you can keep Heathrow!!
Try the twotter GPS Kid - it's more realistic -

If you want to know more about it try -

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Wow, that's a cracking Twin Otter DaveC! Where did you get that from? Is it freeware ?

Barra is a great visit in FS9 and there's a VOR about 20nm south west of it so you can fly there from Glasgow the old fashioned way, without GPS..

Also Dave, is the Barra Airport on your screenprint an Add-on or is that the default Airport ?

Don't know if Campbeltown is on FS9 but if it is, I'm going to try and get a Piper Super Cub there tonight ! (Will take longer than 30 mins!)

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Thats what I flew and we have a couple right here at our d/load section
Go get em

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

GPS Kid - Good luck on your flight to Campbeltown - it is in FS9 - although it once was RAF Machrihanish - you should have no bother with the runway (110*) as it's one of the longest!

My Barra scenery is from ScotflightScenery (Pay to use) but you might pick it up cheap in Ebay. ScotflightScenery tidies up a lot of the Scottish scenery and is a vast improvement on the default scenery - contains a lot of special flights too.
You can get the twin otter from -
our own site here - which are mostly repaints or the basic model from -
Both freeware but you might have to sign in

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I visited your Barra (EGPR) tonight, nice place. You have the scenery I don't. When I started down the runway small partials of dirt kicked up behind my gear, very interesting runways.


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Yes - the Scotflight Scenery does make a difference. Although it is payware there are many free add-ons by Iain Gallacher which further improve many of the Scottish airports/scenery - see the difference -

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