New ATI 4.8 Drivers

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Here's what I get with these settings and the ATI Radeon 9800 128 Pro with the new 4.8 Catalyst drivers (try them).
Not my imagination, the FPS improved over the 4.3 drivers by 3 fps...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(My favorite aircraft)

What settings are you using and what drivers are you using.


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I'm now using Cat 4.8 with High quality settings and everything set on full in FS9 and it runs smooth i'm a happy chappy can't complain 😀

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Hi RadarMan
I do not know what to think any more. I just installed the new driver and as I wrote several post ago I got a huge drop on frame rate (from 45-50
to 16-1😎 So I had to reinstall my “old” driver the driver I got with the card . I would mined I just troubled that some day I will have to use an updated diver and than I will be in some sh…
In our place there is a say: “The neighbors grass is always greener” .Same with your photo. It looks to me your blue is bluer and the green is greener than mine. Is it the original texture you are using?

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Odd, The only textures I've ever changed were the runway textures.
I had to hold off on loading new drivers because my other main game (Links 2003) couldn't take new drivers but would accept these.
I know the grass saying and I know another, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", stay with what is best for you.
I guess it has to do with many variables, type of card, heat (clean your fans) CPU ram, weekly defrag etc.
Do you use a driver cleaner and install a new control panel.
With the FPS rate that you are getting and if the picture is sharp I would leave it be. I wouldn't touch it.


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Rafi, you could always try

They are "optimised" ATI drivers, based on the latest version of the Catalyst drivers.
I'm a heavy games player (although, obviously FS9 is a SIM, not a game 😉 ) and I find that in almost every circumstance I have an improvement over the official drivers.


Thanks Steev
I belive it was your recomendition several post ago.
I tryed it with the previus version. The same story. It looks like
my card do not "want" to work with any version exept the cd.
I will try again.

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