747 Flight in FSX from and Back to London Heathrow.

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I hope this post may help simers who are thinking of upgrades.
I have just recieved my two new 7900gtx so I will report back if there is a improvment when installed.
Currant Spec.
Mobo-ASUS A8N32 sli / CPU-AMD 64x2-4800 O/C to 2.6Mhz / 2 XFX Extreme 7800GT Clock450mhz 256memory / 2 GB Corsair XMX3200C2PT o/c to 3-8-4-4 Sim loaded on a WD Raptor 10000RPM / PSU Akasa 650W Power Plus.
Ok FSX settings.
SLI is dissabled for this flight.
Target frame rate 30fps. / Filtering (Trilinear) / AA (not checked)
Global texture (Medium) / Lens flare (tick) / Other two ( not checked)
Continues text.

Globel setting (Mid to high) / 2D Ist/panel / 2D panel trans.(0%)
Cast shadows (ticked) / Aircraft cast shadows (no) Landing lights (yes)

Level of detail (Medium) / Mesh Complexity (50%) / Mesh resolution
(19m) / Tex resolution (60cm) /Water effects (Mid) / Scenery complexity (Normal) / Autogen density (normal) Ground Shadows (no)
Special detail effects (Medium)

Cloud draw (70mi/112km) / Themal_visual (none) / Download winds(no) / Disable turbulance (no) / Rate of change (Medium)
Detail cloud coverage (Medium)

Air line (52%) Gen aviation (50%) / Airport veh.density (low)
Road, ships, &lesure boats all @ (10%)

FSX files are as out of the box.

Taxing around airport fps 9.6 to 12.6
747 @ runway 9 Heathrow fps12 to 14
Take off in 2d cockpit fps 9.4 to 12.8 / @2000 ft looking at plane outside
fps10to 12 /380deg swing round fps 6 t0 10 jerky in places.
Look up fps 22 / look down fps10 / Over the sea fps 29 to 30.
Approch and landing to Heath row all in 2d cockpit fps 9 to10.

The only problem at these settings was when I swung round outside nonstop.

Cosmeticly it was very nice at these setting,and Iwould be happy with them,But we will see what the new cards bring.

I had to smile at microsofts excuse for not optermizeing SLI,for them to say that it was due to the multy monitors, we have never been able to use SLI and use multi monitors in 3d but it would have increased the Graphic power by 64% for my set up with one monitor.
I hope this post may help If you are thinking of upgradeing.
All the Best
Hi all
Well one new card in,My Akasa 650w PSU with its 4 12v rails will not run both cards,another £100+ required .
Some info on the cards.
3d Mark 05 results with My cpu clocked at 2.6mhz. single cards.
XFX 7800gt extreme clock @450mhz memory 256MB. 3d mark 7375
EVGA 7900gtx clock @650mhz memory 512MB 3d mark 9893

7800GT = FPS 12.8 TO 13.6
7900gtx = fps 13.7 TO 14.5

7800gt = FPS 9.6 to13.00
7900gtx = FPS 11.4 to 14.2

What do we have to do to fly FSX with setting at 60%.evan
I recomend you give it a lot of thought before you upgrade.
Good look simmers

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Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback - very useful.

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