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Display Problems: Scenery flickering (especially trees)

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Hi. I hope someone might be able to solve a problem for me please. I am operating a 2.0GB/512 RAM/Windows XP system. A problem has developed on my FS2004. I have tried reloading but without success. The scenery flickers and in particular the trees. The actual screen doesn't flicker just the scenery. I thought it might be my NVIDIA drivers that needed updating but it says that I have the lastest software installed so I can't think of anything else. I have tried changing the display settings in FS2004 but that doesn't seem to make any difference. My FS2002 on the same computer is working fine. Hope someone can assist. Thanks.

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It's the 512mb ram, it takes longer for textures to render. Your video card may be too old even with new drivers.
Turn down the scenery and scenery distance, see if you have too many programs running in the background and if you have too many of your Sim slides too far to the right (clouds, shadows, traffic). All of this steals resources from the texture rendering
If you have the scenery draw distance too far you'll get that also.
Try some of these and see if it helps.
2002 isn't as graphic demanding as 2004.


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