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In science today at school we watched The Day After Tomorrow. I have seen the beginning of the film lodas of times in geography lessons. There was this bit where some helicoppters had been dispatched to evacuate the royal family from balmoral. they flew into a ice storm and crashed. One of the pilots had the bright idea of opening the door. The helicopter had frozen up so yes, lets open the door. He leans out and gets frozen in a stupid position with his mouth open. Idiot. Anywho, I watched the helicopters involved and couldn't put my finger on what they were. They looked like a mixture of Seakings and merlins. Any ideas?

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I haven't seen it, at a guess a Wessex?

WIll hunt for some images from the movie.

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nah, its not a wessex. i think it was just some computer geeks rendition of a helicopter. 😂 😂 😂

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