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The latest add-on mission for Microsoft Flight Simulator X has been released. Get it free here:

Mission Briefing
On a cold, snowy day in January 1982 – the lives of three pilots were inextricably, and forever, intertwined.

On that day, pilot Don Usher was at the controls of a Bell Jet Ranger, working for the United States Park Police. He was stationed at Eagle’s Nest, a heliport complex operated by the Park Police on a branch of the Potomac River east of what was then called Washington National Airport.

At about 4:06pm that day, Usher and paramedic Melvin Windsor lifted off from the Eagle’s Nest in Eagle One, after confused reports surfaced of a a commercial jetliner off the end of Runway 36. What they found when they got near the airport, however … was much worse.

Usher would be presented with a test of flying skill that every pilot fears - every pilot knows - could come on any given day. Usher and Windsor passed the test. Can you?

On the 25th Anniversary of this tragic chain of events, you will sit in the pilot’s seat of Usher’s Bell JetRanger, and, as closely as is possible using Microsoft Flight Simulator X, experience a recreation of the events of that fateful day.

Mission Development Facts

102 voice-over dialogs and special sound effects
25 AI vehicles ... from snowplows to firetrucks, airplanes and ambulances
25 Cameras following all the action
73 added scenery objects providing lifelike realism

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