question re on-screen text indicators (the one's in red)

lawless77 Guest

FSX displays some very helpful text indicators while in-cockpit. Things like 'brakes' when brakes are applied etc. Seems like there ought to be more of these, thing like flaps, landing gear and more. Do such thing exist? Are they an option which must be toggled on? If so how?

I keep finding myself switching to tail view to check the status of said items. There must be a better way.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

If you familiarize youself with the panel or cockpit of tha a/c you ar flying, you will find that the flaps indicator is there as well as the positions of the landing gear, throttle, mixture and prop settings.

By the way, what are you using to control your aircraft?

lawless77 Guest

I'm using a Saitek ST290.

I noticed that the information in question can also be read from the cockpit proper. The on-screen messages just seem so convenient. Unrealistic, yes but convenient. I can't help but woder why some things should be displayed and others not. It lets you know when you're engaging your brakes, which isn't even that helpful, and other things that would be a help are omitted.

Then again, I could be missing something.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I understand what you are saying.. You might want to make yourself a generic checklist of things to do before and after take off and landing.

In time, they will become second nature. There is also a checklist that can be accessed from the kneeboard, but I don't know of any other read-outs.

lawless77 Guest

Good advice, thanks. I've also got a trackIR4 on the way. Should make it easier to keep an eye on everything.

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