What I wish they had done with FSX (multiplayer)

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I wish they had used Transponders more!!

Use of transponders would have made ATC's job easier, as it is in RL. Pressing the PTT button is like pressing the ident button. You are highlighted on the screen.

So, now we have 25 Aircraft, and lets say 3 of them have the same callsign because the players didn't select one for themselves. PTT and Voice Comm would highlight you on the Radar it is in RL.

Wish MS would make the change...or perhaps somebody could make a mod??

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We always use Aircraft Activated - Have to be on the same freq.

Any users with the same calsign get squashed when they first come in. We say please change your id as someone else is already using it and the few that have come in have always changed it.

What they should have done was finish of the BAN feature as its stupid that you have to be in the briefing room.
Where you cant get to when your hosting the session.

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