FS 2004 IR checkride problem

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The checkride require us to land on boeing fleid by ILS appoach at the end. After passing the Seattle VOR (116.😎, which frequency should I turn? NOLLA (110.9)? And what about the OBS?

I've tried to turn to NOLLA and set the OBS to 326 degree, but the instruct said I did not turn the right frequency and did not set the OBS correctly.

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One thing to keep in mind about they checkrides: the lady will only tell you that you failed at certain times during the ride. She doesn't tell you right away if you've made a mistake. So her comments may relate to something you did a while ago, not what you just did.

Watch for statements in a yellow box at the top of the screen; those come up in a more timely manner. If you see one, you've failed already.


guess Guest

After reading the post from Rod Machado, I could pass the holding pattern finally. But still, don't know which frequency should I set on Nav1 and which heading on NAV1 OBS. The woman keep telling me I failed to set the NAV1 and OBS after passing the holding part.

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