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Concorde getting FS2004 version to work

Felix1979 Guest

I been trying to get my 2004 Concorde to work on FSX with no success, with the obvious issues with gauges I know this is going to be next to impossible for a mear mortal like mysel fto be able to tweek.

Does anyone know of a good concorde ( same standard of project mach2 one) that out or due out for FSX in the nere future.

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Pro Member Chief Captain
Tailhook Chief Captain

You might have to wait a very long time for a definite answer to that question.

In pre-FSX versions of FS there have always been issues with certain aspects of the Concordes. Can't remember what they were but you should be able to find info on the net. I know, payware Concordes were published but they were just restricted in so many ways.
Whether FSX will acommodate better for the requirements of the Concorde remains to be seen.

Felix1979 Guest

I done some looking around and Concorde Proffessional is having a patch released to upgrade it for FSX but due to the complexity of the Concorde might be some time 😞

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Tailhook Chief Captain

So we've reached a consensus on the Concorde?

Nice 😀

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