Problems downloading Concorde from CD.

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Hi all, I have just purchased a CD-ROM titled "Altitude" Concorde. Designed exclusively for Microsoft FS 2002/2004. I tried to load it from CD but when I try and run my FS it comes up with the following error response.
"The version of FS2004 detected isn't compatible with this version of FSUIPC. It is build 9.01.40901. You need the correct version of FS2004. Check the Help-About: the build should be 9.00.30612. FSUIPC will terminate when you select OK"
Can anyone help? Has anyone experience this? I purchased the CD from e-bay at £7.99 plus postage. Seemed like a bargain and looked promising when I went to load it but I honestly don't know what to do from here!! Help!

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You can get the latest copy of it (FSUIPC) here.


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I downloaded from the site you suggested and I extracted the file FSUIPC.dll to my FS2004 Modules folder but I can't get FS9 or the Concorde to work at all. I think I might have to re load FS again onto my system because I can't get any of them operating. Any ideas? Perhaps I could have a faulty disk from the manafacturer for the Concorde CD.

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Hi Stevie,

Nope, I don't think it's the disk - you were right the first time, I'm sure I needed to reinstall FS2004 after I updated my copy of FSUIPC.

Just to warn you - Altitude Concorde is a very difficult add-on to get to know as the manual doesn't cover much I'm afraid... You may well love it, I'm just warning you that it takes quite a bit of getting used to !

There have been a few postings about it on here so you should do a Search and see what you find.


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I see what you mean, thanks for the advice! I got Concorde loaded, it just happened to work when I rebooted. It is slowing my system down something rotten! But its not just the Concorde add-on thats doing that, I found that FS9 is slowing it down as well. So now I've purchased an extra 512mb of RAM so that should do it now that I'm boosting up to 768mb of RAM.
I was just expecting to get into the seat on Concorde and fly it off to Kennedy in 3hours. But it does seem that there is heaps to it and firstly I couldn't even get the engines started as you have to do various things and then start each engine in turn, it took some time. I got them started, got into take off, then the place kept freezing and it kept stopping. Managed to turn the plane but can't read any of the dials on the panels, even the autopilot. So I tried flicking backwards and forwards between the PDF Manuals and the flight but I gave up. Think I'll print out all the manuals and then have those in front of me so I can follow it step by step and I certainly think having more memory will help. Blimey, what a process! Think it'll take me a lifetime to learn how to fly Concorde! 😳

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