DUal sound card in multi problems...

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Hi All, I did a search first to no avail.

I have 2 sound cards in my PC and I'm trying to do with voice only in the headset mic with all other sounds coming out of the main speakers in multiplayer.

I have it set up correctly (sounds in control panel), ie: in free flight and all missions the voice comes through the headset and all other sounds through the speakers. In multiplayer voice comes through the headset for about a minute then completely dies and I can't hear anyone but myself and nobody can hear me. It works fine in multi if I have all voice/sound going through one card, but if I split them up voice dies in multi.

Anyone have the same issue or know what I might be doing wrong?


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Two sound cards 😳
I have never seen a duel sound card set up.
I understand what you are trying to do,but I think you need the program(fs)to support such a thing
I may be wrong Dont Know

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FSX not only supports it, but tells you how to do it in the help (you need two sound cards)

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The way I understand the dual sound card issue is to use a PCI internal sound card and an external USB sound card.

But if using two internal PCI cards works in FSX then I can't quite understand how come it doesn't in multiplayer? All I can imagine is some kind of conflict?


In my case,. I'm using a dell 8400 that has sound built into the motherboard that I never used before, and a soundblaster card. I just went in the bios, enabled the on board sound and downloaded the drivers.

It works great in everything in FSX except multiplayer. Very weird...

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