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Ran into a strange problem with FS9 - Everything was fine until I lost the engine sound on the default Mooney - 172 was still there, I also lost all Jet engine sounds and all Controler voices. All environmental sounds are always there (at this point all of my sound sliders are at their maximum).All the historical AC engine sounds are still present. I did download a pack of codecs ( something you do need if you watch .avi videos with many different forms of encoding). Did an experiment - on my other PC ( different video card, CPU, memory). The only thing that is the same is the XP operating system and FS9. I installed FS9 and nothing else - works great. Installed the same Codec pack and yes - identical sound problems. Uninstalled codec pack - the sound problems remain.
Is there anybody out there who knows what the difference in the wave files is? I believe that they use different encodings or why else the Mooney's engine sound ( probably an older version ) disappears and all the historical AC ( coded up new) retein their sounds. If I can just remove some of the codecs ( or not install them in the first place) that may be the answer. Or I can see I will have to partition my disk and boot up FS9 separatly from the rest of the SW.

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