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Hi all!

I stumbled onto this great site but am having trouble finding my add-ons.
I'v extracted to the fs9.exe folder as the documentation instructed. Im looking in the "select aircraft" / "aircraft manufacturer" section on the program but dont see anything. am I looking in the wrong place?


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meylan Guest

The aircraft have to go in the aircraft folder in the fs9 directory . If you've already done this and it still does'nt show post a link to the particular aircraft in question

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The ones I downloaded are from this site. In particular, the Piper Arrow. is the filename. I tried copying to the folders as you stated (and also as stated in the documentation) but no results yet.

- - - still working on it - - - !


Meylan Guest

Unfortunatly only members can download fom this site so i'm unable download that file but if it's the same as this one fromAVSIM
here is the read me

Here's my version of a Piper Arrow for FS2004. There is a red version and a blue version. both work very well. To install, unzip the ZIP file into the main subfolder of FS2004 (where the FS9.EXE file resides). In that way, the custom gauges will be placed automatically in the correct subfolder.

DO NOT unzip the package into the \AIRCRAFT subfolder of FS2004. If you have some of the gauges already, simply say "yes" to overwrite in the dialog box

Special thanks to Rien Cornelissen who was the original designer of the plane itself, and to Chuck Dome, who was the inspiration for the panel design and layout ideas.

You will notice when you load the plane, that in the payload area, the planes center of gravity is in the engine. this is do to a very large 200 hp engine powering this beautiful beast! Few Planes are as stable, comfortable and easy to fly as the Piper Arrow. An aircraft with a long and rich history, and one that is used by training schools, and private owners alike.

I hereby declare this aircraft package to be in the Public Domain and freeware. you are welcome to modify and distribute it, but if you make changes, please let me know and send me your changes. It is always nice to see someones fine additions and ideas.

It should not harm your computer but, if you imagine it has, I accept no liability. Which means, its safe to use, and change and distribute, but dont come crying to me when you forget to make a backup and do something goofy and it never works again!

Dave Meccariello

Just extract the file straight in to your main fs9 directory and it automatically puts the file in the right places.
(note: not all aircraft install this way )

Meylan Guest

I forgot, the aircraft will be showing under the manufactura PIPER .

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n9xv Trainee

I extracted to the main folder where the FS9.exe is but still no results. It does'nt show up under "Piper" in the select aircraft window. I dont know whats wrong from that point! 😞

Meylan Guest

No offence but are you extracting it to the right place , it should be

my computer>local disk>programme files>microsoft games >flight simulator 9.
If you are extracting it to the right place and it still isn't working i can only suggest the download from this site maybe faulty . Download the one from the link i provided earlier in this thread. Let me know how you go on .

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n9xv wrote:

I extracted to the main folder where the FS9.exe is but still no results. It does'nt show up under "Piper" in the select aircraft window. I dont know whats wrong from that point! 😞

Normally you should always follow the instructions contained in the Readme file - with one notable exception:

Never extract the contents of the .zip file straight into your FS9 directory!!

Windows gets confused sometimes and you'll be in trouble. Always create a temporary folder and extract the contents of your .zip folder there. Now you have control, you know what is what and where and you'll be able to retrace your steps should the need arise.

I would also suggest you follow Meylan's advice and download from a library with a good reputation instead.

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I finally got it working and I'm proud to report that I did it without using sledge hammer Embarassed 😀

Evidentlly the path was not quite right. The computer I'm using for FS2004 was a hand-me-down from the wife's parents and re-learning Windows 98 with all of it's querks did'nt help much either Mad

At the end of the day I resembled this ---> 😳

My thanks to you guys for the input and advice. At least you kept me beleiving it was possible! I was sure the files were good and that it was most likely "PILOT ERROR" on my part. 😕

I did get an F14 to work also (F14BFSE.ZIP I think) but have no NAV capabilities with it. I dont know if thats because of the use of TACAN instead of VOR etc.

I'd like to find a fighter with NAV functions if one exist?

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Good to see that you succeeded and managed to keep your sense of humour at the same time.

Not sure I can help you with a fighter having everything you would like it to have but have a look at some of the parts contained in this beautiful F-14, especially the gauges:

19958 28-Apr-04 12:50 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Beacon.fx
1281 28-Apr-04 16:32 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Blueflame.fx
42801 28-Apr-04 16:33 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Burner.fx
22644 28-Apr-04 16:33 Effects/fx_Tomcat_BurnerFlame.fx
2534 28-Apr-04 16:57 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Cockpit.fx
2416 28-Apr-04 16:33 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Contrail.fx
5149 28-Apr-04 16:33 Effects/fx_Tomcat_ControlledHeat.fx
2503 28-Apr-04 16:34 Effects/fx_Tomcat_EngineSmoke.fx
9263 28-Apr-04 12:40 Effects/fx_Tomcat_NavGreen.fx
18418 28-Apr-04 12:30 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Navigation.fx
9255 28-Apr-04 12:41 Effects/fx_Tomcat_NavRed.fx
9225 28-Apr-04 12:03 Effects/fx_Tomcat_NavSwept.fx
9217 28-Apr-04 12:04 Effects/fx_Tomcat_NavUnSwept.fx
10604 20-Oct-03 22:45 Effects/fx_Tomcat_StartupHeat.fx
18752 28-Apr-04 16:32 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Strake.fx
42411 30-Dec-03 21:02 Effects/fx_Tomcat_TransSonic.fx
7308 28-Apr-04 16:44 Effects/fx_Tomcat_Vapor.fx
1336 8-Aug-01 16:51 Effects/fx_Tomcat_vclight.fx
2423 24-Apr-04 12:03 Effects/fx_Tomcat_vortex_swept.fx
2423 24-Apr-04 12:02 Effects/fx_Tomcat_vortex_unswept.fx
0 28-Apr-04 17:12 Effects/
54272 6-Feb-04 20:47 Gauges/dsd_arrester.gau
54784 6-Feb-04 20:43 Gauges/dsd_catapult.gau
39936 5-Feb-04 20:51 Gauges/dsd_xml_sound.gau
0 28-Apr-04 12:59 Gauges/flightsimstudios/
2260 27-Apr-04 13:04 Gauges/flightsimstudios/Tomcat_EffectControl.xml
851 28-Apr-04 12:58 Gauges/flightsimstudios/Tomcat_SweptWingControl.xml
1356 22-Apr-04 14:22 Gauges/flightsimstudios/Tomcat_TransSonic.xml
923 28-Apr-04 12:58 Gauges/flightsimstudios/Tomcat_UnsweptWingControl.xml
2057 25-Apr-04 10:38 Gauges/flightsimstudios/Tomcat_WingtipNavControl.xml
0 28-Apr-04 13:00 Gauges/Tomcat/
135680 24-Nov-97 13:52 Gauges/Tomcat/339fuel.gau
46080 2-Apr-98 13:04 Gauges/Tomcat/f14.config.gau
56320 11-Apr-98 20:15 Gauges/Tomcat/f14eng.gau
52736 11-Apr-98 22:52 Gauges/Tomcat/F14fue.gau
77312 9-Apr-98 13:19 Gauges/Tomcat/f14toggle.gau
51712 19-Apr-98 17:57 Gauges/Tomcat/F18eng.gau
53248 25-Mar-00 05:54 Gauges/Tomcat/f18e_aoaind.gau
295424 11-Dec-99 20:56 Gauges/Tomcat/fa18adi.gau
184832 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_rf4.alt.gau
133120 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_rf4.gmeter.gau
385024 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_rf4.hsi.gau
140288 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_rf4.radalt.gau
386048 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_rf4.sadi.gau
138240 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_rf4.vsi.gau
152576 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_tdo.asi.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_warn.dh.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_warn.gear.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_warn.overspeed.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_warn.parkbrake.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/fsd_warn.stall.gau
36864 29-Apr-98 19:46 Gauges/Tomcat/Hdghud.gau
46080 17-Mar-98 23:07 Gauges/Tomcat/Igear.gau
46080 17-Mar-98 23:04 Gauges/Tomcat/Isplr.gau
125440 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/nl_fsd_f84.clock.gau
120320 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/Tomcat/nl_fsd_rf4.ff.1.gau
121856 26-Jun-99 09:00 Gauges/Tomcat/nl_fsd_rf4.rpm.1.gau
0 28-Apr-04 13:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/
135680 24-Nov-97 13:52 Gauges/TomcatVC/339fuel.gau
46080 2-Apr-98 13:04 Gauges/TomcatVC/f14.config.gau
56320 11-Apr-98 20:15 Gauges/TomcatVC/f14eng.gau
52736 11-Apr-98 22:52 Gauges/TomcatVC/F14fue.gau
77312 9-Apr-98 13:19 Gauges/TomcatVC/f14toggle.gau
51712 19-Apr-98 17:57 Gauges/TomcatVC/F18eng.gau
53248 25-Mar-00 05:54 Gauges/TomcatVC/f18e_aoaind.gau
295424 11-Dec-99 20:56 Gauges/TomcatVC/fa18adi.gau
267776 12-Dec-99 13:20 Gauges/TomcatVC/fa18hsi.gau
154112 26-Jun-99 17:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_mig29.clock.gau
184832 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_rf4.alt.gau
133120 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_rf4.gmeter.gau
385024 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_rf4.hsi.gau
140288 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_rf4.radalt.gau
386048 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_rf4.sadi.gau
138240 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_rf4.vsi.gau
152576 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_tdo.asi.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_warn.dh.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_warn.gear.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_warn.overspeed.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_warn.parkbrake.gau
87040 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/fsd_warn.stall.gau
36864 29-Apr-98 19:46 Gauges/TomcatVC/Hdghud.gau
46080 17-Mar-98 23:07 Gauges/TomcatVC/Igear.gau
46080 17-Mar-98 23:04 Gauges/TomcatVC/Isplr.gau
125440 26-Jun-99 10:00 Gauges/TomcatVC/nl_fsd_f84.clock.gau
0 28-Apr-04 13:00 Gauges/
4950 28-Apr-04 14:34 Import into EditVoicePack/Ghostrider.vcpmod
0 28-Apr-04 14:37 Import into EditVoicePack/
776886 19-Oct-03 23:31 Sound/AMB_Gexp4A.wav
776886 19-Oct-03 23:31 Sound/AMB_Gexp4B.wav
776886 19-Oct-03 23:31 Sound/AMB_Gexp4C.wav
151704 26-Jan-04 14:46 Sound/dsd_cable_catch.wav
244128 26-Jan-04 14:52 Sound/dsd_cable_rewind.wav
217564 26-Jan-04 14:26 Sound/dsd_catapult_launch.wav
155254 26-Jan-04 15:11 Sound/dsd_xml_96.wav
0 28-Apr-04 13:01 Sound/
6785 27-Dec-03 13:46 Original_Readme.txt
20044 21-Apr-04 15:01 Tomcat7.jpg
22665 28-Apr-04 17:20 Iceman.jpg
22539 28-Apr-04 17:20 Maverick.jpg
27079 21-Apr-04 15:00 Tomcat1.jpg
21201 21-Apr-04 15:00 Tomcat2.jpg
19884 21-Apr-04 15:00 Tomcat3.jpg
16563 21-Apr-04 15:01 Tomcat4.jpg
15202 21-Apr-04 15:01 Tomcat5.jpg
15736 21-Apr-04 15:01 Tomcat6.jpg
20089 20-Apr-04 12:42 NewTomcat1.jpg
17202 20-Apr-04 12:50 NewTomcat2.jpg
21699 22-Apr-04 14:04 SonicBoom.jpg
27158 15-Apr-04 21:01 Tomcat8.jpg
17796 28-Apr-04 17:30 Tomcat10.jpg
31011 28-Apr-04 17:30 Tomcat9.jpg
6989 28-Apr-04 17:38 TopGun01.gif
392 28-Apr-04 17:45 file_id.diz
8762 28-Apr-04 17:51 Readme_1st.txt

If you're interested, you can get it here ➡

oh, and there's an update ➡

If you haven't done so yet, register for free with and your dreaded PILOT ERRORS will soon become a thing of the past.

There are quite a number of good, complete fighter packages available, it just all depends what you're after in particular.

Happy flying 😀

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